Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Dream Kitchen...

from The Lettered Cottage

I couldn't stop looking at this photo- it seems perfect though i don't think i would have come up with any of it on my own. It's amazing to me that a kitchen that used to look so dull can look this gorgeous.

They used the same cabinets that came with the house, just painted them black, changed the drawer pulls and knobs, took off the upper doors, and added crown molding to the top.

They made the back of this bench out of an old headboard. This is one thing I really wish I had in my kitchen- a small seating area.



  1. Wow - they really improved the look of that kitchen!

  2. you do need a seat in your kitchen! ha! more postings please!

  3. I love my kitchen,when i bought my house through costa rica homes for sale i expected to have a big kitchen and now i am really happy.